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AVEMAR™ 300 Tablets AVEMAR Supplement - Conners Clinic
AVEMAR™ 300 Tablets AVEMAR Supplement - Conners Clinic
AVEMAR™ 300 Tablets AVEMAR Supplement - Conners Clinic

AVEMAR™ 300 Tablets

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Fermented Wheat Germ Extract with AVEMAR Pulvis™
Clinical Applications
  • Maintains Cell Metabolic Regulation*
  • Promotes Immune Regulation*
  • Supports Healthy Presentation Of A Cell Membrane Feature Called MHC-1*
  • Enhances Mitochondrial Function*
  • Reduces fatigue; increases mobility and energy*
  • Elevates mood and enhances mental clarity*
  • Brightens quality-of-life and helps people feel stronger and more hopeful, especially during a health challenge*


Studies have shown that AVEMAR™ Fermented Wheat Germ Extract containing AVEMAR Pulvis™ (FWGE - AP) helps to provide remarkable health benefits for a wide range of serious health challenges, while empowering the immune system and promoting cellular metabolic regulation.

Authentic and Original AVEMAR is the only FWGE in the market that contains AVEMAR Pulvis™. It concentrates FWGE to the “bioactive fraction," termed Fermented Wheat Germ Extract – AVEMAR Pulvis™ (FWGE-AP). AVEMAR™ (FWGE-AP) contains the active molecules in wheat germ that provide biological activity for health benefits.

AVEMAR has been shown through countless studies to support healthy immune system modulation and the regulation of cellular metabolism, supporting the processes of cell differentiation and repair.

AVEMAR™ rejuvenates aging immune systems, and normalizes imbalances in cellular metabolism arising from age, injury, and stress.


*These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.