ATP Cofactors 90 Tablets *


ATP Cofactors 90 Tablets *

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Description of ATP Cofactors 90 Tablets *

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High Potency Vitamin B Complex

Clinical Applications:
  • Supports ATP production by providing high potency riboflavin and niacin (as inositol hexanicotinate), precursors of NADH and FADH2*
  • Intended to be used as part of a complete nutritional program which emphasizes magnesium
  • ATP Cofactorsโ„ข can be combined with any Optimoxยฎ multivitamin-mineral formula or MAG 200ยฎย for enhanced micronutrient support*

ย ATP Cofactorsโ„ขย is a specially formulated high potency vitamin B2/B3 combination, containing 100 mg of riboflavin and 500 mg of niacin (as inositol hexanicotinate) per tablet. ATP Cofactorsโ„ขย supports ATP production by providing the precursors of NADH and FADH2.* Intended to be used as part of a complete nutritional program emphasizing magnesium instead of calcium.

B-vitamins including riboflavin and niacin, but also thiamine and pyridoxine, cannot function well in the body without being activated by phosphorylation, which requires magnesium. Adequate magnesium supports optimal performance of B vitamins.*


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