Adrenal Cocktail + Wholefood Vitamin C 60 Servings *


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Adrenal Cocktail + Wholefood Vitamin C 60 Servings *

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Description of Adrenal Cocktail + Wholefood Vitamin C 60 Servings *


 Jigsaw Adrenal Cocktail + Wholefood Vitamin C is a unique combination of 3 simple, yet powerful ingredients -- Potassium Bicarbonate, Redmond’s Real Salt®, and Acerola Cherry Extract. Promotes adrenal health to support the production of many

important hormones, a balanced response to stress, and energy production.*

Jigsaw Adrenal Cocktail combines Wholefood Vitamin C (from Acerola cherry), Potassium Bicarbonate, and Redmond’s Real Salt® in a unique formulation designed to support healthy adrenal gland function. Vitamin C plays a critical role in adrenal function, including its ability to produce numerous hormones. In fact, the highest concentration of Vitamin C in the body is stored by your adrenal glands. Additionally, sodium and potassium play a delicate dance in your adrenals and are both vital minerals for normal adrenal function.*


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