Over a decade of scientific studies suggests that you can safeguard your health and enhance your well-being by electrically re-establishing a connection with the Earth, or in other words, by grounding.

Re-establishing this connection with the Earth enables us to achieve a necessary neutral electrical charge in our bodies, offering us a chance to heal. Grounding sheets serve as a crucial conduit for this essential connection. The illustration below details the findings from a study investigating the impact of grounding during sleep over an eight-week period.

What Are The Healing Benefits of Grounding Bed Sheets

Enhanced facial blood flow (seen in the below image) was observed after 20 minutes of grounding, as captured by a Speckle Contrast Laser Imager (with dark blue representing the lowest circulation and dark red the highest). Image Source: Scientific Research Publishing

Studies on Earthing reveal its significant impact on red blood cells. Earthing increases their surface charge, altering the blood's viscosity and averting the risky aggregation of red blood cells. This elevated surface charge keeps the cells adequately spaced apart, facilitating a seamless, orderly progression through the body's capillary network, reminiscent of traffic on an efficiently managed highway. This effect not only boosts overall circulation and health but also establishes what is termed a healthy Zeta potential.


Grounding is one of the most straightforward yet deeply impactful measures for lowering the risk of cardiovascular incidents. The circulatory advantages of earthing enhance our body's tissue health and recovery by boosting the distribution of oxygen and nutrients across the body.

Pain Reduction + Faster Wound Healing

Grounding following an injury can diminish or even eliminate the classic indicators of inflammation, such as redness, warmth, swelling, pain, and reduced function. Studies employing medical infrared imaging have demonstrated accelerated healing from painful chronic inflammation.

the effect of gounding on the blood earthign conners clinic

Earthing's ability to alleviate pain benefits not only fresh wounds but also various forms of chronic pain, including arthritis. Through creating observable changes in the levels of white blood cells, cytokines, and other molecules, earthing positively influences the body's inflammatory response.


Fix Your Internal Clock for Better Sleep

Earthing leads to measurable shifts in the daily cycles of cortisol secretion, enhancing sleep quality. The grounding effect on the body's circadian rhythms hormonally primes you for sleep, while its ability to decrease stress reduces anxiety and other factors that may interfere with falling or staying asleep.

Utilizing grounding sheets, Earthing:

  • Prevents insomnia
  • Accelerates the process of falling asleep
  • Ensures a deeper and more rejuvenating sleep

Moreover, for those who travel often or suffer from jet-lag, Earthing with grounding sheets can significantly alter the experience. It realigns your internal clock, effectively mitigating jet-lag symptoms and enabling travelers to adapt to new time zones quickly, ensuring they achieve peaceful sleep no matter where they are.

circadian-rhythm-better sleep with grounding

Brain Function and Neural Regulation

Chronic inflammation can significantly impact your body, with cognition being one of the primary areas to suffer. This often manifests as brain fog, fatigue, irritability, and issues with mood, memory, and cognitive processing.

Through grounding, the antioxidant and anti-inflammatory actions of electrons offer a powerful method for preserving brain function. Regular earthing can reduce chronic systemic inflammation, enabling you to enjoy life with reduced neurological disruption.


Revitalized Sleep Through Grounding Sheets: Your Answer In A World Of Disconnection

Reconnect with Nature

Discover the advantages of extended barefoot contact as you unwind or sleep. The more time you're grounded, the greater the benefits.

Harmonize Your Body

Re-establish your body's natural electrical equilibrium and harmonize your internal functions, resulting in enhanced general health.

Deep, Grounded Sleep

Utilize the Schumann resonance to realign your body's innate circadian rhythm, enabling profound and restorative sleep.

Sleeping on Regular Sheets Vs. Sleeping on Grounded Sheets

Sleeping on Regular Sheets Vs. Sleeping on Grounded Sheets

Grounding Benefits: Exploring the Earthing's Impact On Different Bodily Systems

The Earthing Movie

Source, Credit: GroundingWell

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