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We are a vitamin and supplement company that started from an alternative cancer clinic that served the United States and beyond for 35+ years. Dr. Kevin Conners has been working toward a world where individuals and families understand the body's need for nutrition to heal. He advocates that better health starts with what God provides; plants and animals are our power, fueling each of us with the nutrients we need to be at our best. We have one purpose: to sow a strong foundation of health that allows you to thrive to the glory of God.


Dr. Kevin Conners - Conners Clinic Nutrition You Can Trust

For 35+ years Dr. Kevin Conners saw patients from around the world suffering from all varieties of chronic illness. His extensive experience working with Chronic and Autoimmune Lyme Disease led him to formulate and develop products that support the immune system and minimize detox reactions.

After transitioning to supporting those with a cancer diagnosis, Dr. Conners and Conners Clinic became a premier destination and online support program for those left with no hope. Creating custom Rife programs to pair with unique nutrition protocols.

Now, Conners Clinic has become a robust online Coaching and Educational Resource for anyone looking to take charge of their health and start their journey toward health and healing.

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