A revolutionary remineralizing and natural tooth whitening powder.

Are you tired of going to the dentist only to hear that you have yet another cavity and need more fillings?

We were, too.

That’s why we decided to make our next product a remineralizing tooth powder.

Our thinking stemmed from one essential question:

“Since we choose foods to nourish our bodies, shouldn’t we also choose oral hygiene products to nourish our teeth?”

We wondered, “Wouldn’t it be great if there was a way to help remineralize existing decay and protect against future decay while we brush our teeth?”

We loved this idea, but it begged another question that became the basis of all our research (which started back in 2012):

Is it possible to reverse and prevent tooth decay without using any toxic ingredients?

Culture says no. Our research of clinical trials says yes.

In fact, as you’ll see, the research actually suggests that with ingredients that are safe for the whole body (and whole family!), it’s possible to reverse existing tooth decay AND protect against future decay even more effectively than with the commonly used, toxic ingredients found in commercial oral hygiene products.

With a unique formula that’s taken over 3 years of research to develop, OraWellness Shine helps to simultaneously:

  • Support naturally occurring remineralization mechanisms
  • Protect against future decay AND help reverse existing decay
  • Provide gentle, non-abrasive whitening support


How does Shine remineralize our teeth?

Shine combines several remineralization strategies to create a unique product the world has never seen.

Shine works so well because:

  • the minerals are exactly the same as the minerals our teeth are made of
  • the minerals are in a very bioavailable form
  • the particle size is tiny in order to be incorporated into the small, honeycomb-like structure of our teeth
  • the formula uses a unique method to deliver the minerals exactly where our teeth need support.

So, one reason Shine works so well to reverse tooth decay is simply because Shine provides tiny particles of the exact mineral structure our teeth are made of, which allows our teeth to rebuild and restore the minerals that they have lost.

What’s the remineralization formula?

Good question! Shine includes three ingredients which all support our body’s natural remineralization pathways.

Moreover, rather than working independently, the ingredients work together and support one another to create a greater benefit than they could achieve individually.

Ingredient #1 – MCHA

The main ingredient that makes OraWellness Shine so effective and unique is microcrystalline hydroxyapatite, or MCHA for short.

Let’s break down this natural ingredient to really grasp why it’s so effective.

“Microcrystalline” means that the particle size is really, really small, and that it’s in a crystal form.

Given that our teeth are literally living crystals, the crystalline form is perfect for our needs. The tiny size is necessary so the minerals can be used to rebuild tooth enamel.

The second half is “hydroxyapatite”. Unless you like to geek out on old dental journals, you might not know that hydroxyapatite is the actual material our teeth are made of!

Ingredient #2 – non-GMO, birch-based Xylitol

Xylitol plays an important role in delivering the bioavailable minerals to the areas of decay.  MCHA works well by itself, but xylitol amplifies the remineralizing benefit by helping to ensure that the MCHA is delivered where it’s needed most.

To maintain the highest quality product possible, Shine uses non-GMO xylitol sourced from birch trees and produced in North America.

Ingredient #3 – Calcium Lactate

We complete the trifecta of remineralizing ingredients in OraWellness Shine with calcium lactate, which enhances the remineralization effects of xylitol.

These three ingredients work in synergy, resulting in a unique formula that facilitates remineralization like no other oral hygiene product in history.

(You can see a full ingredient list here.)

Where do you get the MCHA?

We source our MCHA from New Zealand.

The MCHA is produced from bone powder (in a very, very small particle size) from cattle raised grazing the green pastures of New Zealand.

Ingredient purity is very important to us, so finding a very pure source of MCHA was a critical component to the development of Shine.

What do the clinical studies say about the remineralization ability of MCHA?

Shine uses a proprietary formula of natural ingredients which have extensive clinical data proving their effectiveness to repair damaged teeth and protect teeth from future damage (mineral loss).

In one study, researchers found that “enamel microhardness enhanced significantly after exposure” to the MCHA in Shine.

Another study went on to state that using MCHA “can greatly enhance remineralization and increase tooth microhardness”.

Researchers from another study even compared the remineralizing benefits to fluoride by stating, MCHA “caused remineralization comparable to a fluoride dentifrice [toothpaste], and inhibited caries [cavity] development, thus suggesting… an effective alternative to fluoride toothpaste.”

Ultimately, what all this means is the ingredients in Shine help restore strength and mineral density in areas of existing tooth decay and they help protect against future decay by inhibiting more mineral loss from our teeth.


What have customers experienced?

The feedback we’ve received from Shine customers highlights both the remineralizing benefit as well as the whitening effect.

The gentle whitening Shine provides is easy to see.  However, we can’t see the remineralization benefit.  But we can feel it!

Have you ever experienced any pain and tooth sensitivity to hot or cold drinks?

One of the main reasons our teeth become sensitive is because of a loss of minerals in our teeth, particularly along the gum line if we have any gum recession.

As you’ll see in the testimonials below, one of the benefits of using Shine is decreased tooth sensitivity, which means the minerals in Shine are helping to remineralize those areas impacted by lowered mineral density.

“Shine is just amazing.  It’s a step beyond my own tooth powder that I make.  I thought it couldn’t get any better than my own homemade, but Shine is something very stellar!

I noticed a difference after just a couple of times of using it. My teeth are brighter and whiter and I love the taste as well.  The bright smile I have now makes me look a lot younger than I really am!  Who doesn’t want that??!  I still use the Healthy Mouth oil on my floss and I use it in water as a rinse, but Shine does everything and more that a tooth powder should do. So happy with the results!”  Jeanie K, Colorado

“The minty Shine powder leaves my mouth feeling fresh.

I am already happy with the results thus far, and have noticed that it has a gentle whitening effect, as well as contributing to lessened sensitivity on my back molars which I target first with each brushing.” Jenny D, Texas

You have given me the courage to smile again in public.

Today I have returned from my regular dental cleaning with AND the area of concern seems to be healing. I may not need a filling in that tooth. I know this is a result of your products. Especially your new Shine.

Please continue to make these greatly needed health products!  I truly feel stronger.
I am practicing having my picture taken with an open smile now, something my grown kids are in awe over. Thank you!” Debbie E, Minnesota

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