Frequently Asked Questions About HealThy Mouth Blend Natural Toothpaste

We know that choosing a new way to manage your holistic dental health brings a lot of questions. Switching to use OraWellness' HealThy Mouth Natural Toothpaste Essential Oil Blend will surely have you wondering about the things below.

Can I use the HealThy Mouth Blend as a mouthwash?

Definitely! In fact, we encourage those who prefer to use mouthwash to simply make their own by putting 1­ or 2 drops of HealThy Mouth Blend into an ounce of water and swishing.

Many types of mouthwash on the market contain chemicals like alcohol, which have been proven to dry out mucous membranes in the mouth and actually contribute to gum disease.

In contrast, our HealThy Mouth Blend promotes more saliva production, which is very beneficial to maintaining a healthier oral ecology free from the microbes responsible for tooth decay and gum disease.

See the short video above that explains the four main ways to use our HealThy Mouth Blend, including how to use it as a mouthwash.

Do I need to rinse after using the HealThy Mouth Blend? Is it safe to swallow?

It’s really up to you whether or not you want to rinse after using the HealThy Mouth Blend. Since the ingredients are simply organic and wildcrafted essential oils in a base of certified organic carrier oil, there is no need to rinse.

That said, plant essences are powerful compounds and we recommend that each of us respect this power. Yes, we have swallowed the HealThy Mouth Blend many times and found no harm from doing so. But since the HealThy Mouth Blend was formulated to help the mouth, we find it wise to rinse or spit after using the blend.

Do I use the HealThy Mouth Blend with a paste or as a 'standalone' product?

It’s really up to you, and you have a lot of options.

You can use our HealThy Mouth Blend WITH your normal toothpaste, by itself INSTEAD of your toothpaste, with some baking soda or tooth powder to offer some abrasive, with organic coconut oil instead of toothpaste (yum), with homemade toothpaste, etc. It’s really pretty versatile, and the choice is yours.

Whichever way you choose to use it, the HealThy Mouth Blend helps our mouths feel clean, smell great, and stay healthy.

Does the HealThy Mouth Blend have an expiration date? What is the shelf life?

Our HealThy Mouth Blend does not have a set expiration date. Its shelf life depends on how it is stored.

Unopened bottles of our HealThy Mouth Blend will maintain their potency literally for years provided you store them wisely. The three factors that can weaken essential oils are: direct sunlight, heat, and open air.

So, as long as you store them in their original packaging, away from sunny windowsills, in a cool place (so definitely NOT over your stove or on your car dashboard, and with the lid on the bottles, they will remain effective for many years.

Opened bottles of our HealThy Mouth blend should also be stored away from sunlight and heat. It’s best to use the bottle of our blend within one year of opening it, and to keep the lid on it when you’re not using it. As we mentioned, essential oils lose their strength through air exchange. This is why our bottles of HealThy Mouth Blend have plastic ‘euro dropper’ inserts for dispensing the product – this style of top keeps the air exchange to a very minimum.

Does the HealThy Mouth Blend kill the 'good bugs' too?

The path to optimal oral health sometimes requires that we ‘rebalance’ the populations of microbes in our oral micro­biome. The bottom line is 98% of Americans have some form of active oral disease. This means that most of us have mouths where disease-causing microbes are running the show. In these cases, the path to optimal oral health requires action to rebalance and create a healthy environment.

While we chose the ingredients in our HealThy Mouth Blend based on their ability to target specific ‘bad bugs’ implicated with gum disease and tooth decay, other microbes are affected too. The good news is that our bodies have a natural ability to repopulate the good guys via saliva.

How long does one bottle last?

One bottle of HealThy Mouth Blend is 1/2 ounce (15ml), and contains approximately 452 drops (give or take a few drops).

One bottle generally lasts one person 2­ to 3 months. That said, how long a bottle lasts is really up to you, as it’s all based on how many drops you apply per use and how many different ways you’re using it (brushing, flossing, swishing, etc.).

We’ve heard from one young family on a budget who stretched a bottle 6 months for their whole family!

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