Testimonials from Individuals Experiencing a Boost in Energy Through Earthing

A reader from England shared, "Feeling completely drained and lethargic, I was initially doubtful, but decided to try a grounding mat at both home and office. Since I began grounding, my sleep quality and overall energy have significantly improved."

Another individual from England, recovering from a lung operation and struggling with bronchitis and breathlessness, reported, "Within the first week using a grounding sheet, I experienced one restful night. However, by the second week, I noticed a dramatic improvement in my breathing and energy levels, with no fatigue during the day."

A mother from Arizona commented, "As a mother of two, I've been battling low energy and disinterest for years. After four nights on an earthing sheet, I feel incredible, with noticeably warmer legs and feet from the first night and a surge in energy since the second night. My cognitive clarity and memory have also improved."

From California, a forest fire lookout worker stated, "Using a grounding mat at my fire tower job has kept me energized and whole, a stark contrast to the exhaustion I used to feel. My sleep quality has enhanced, and physical discomforts have lessened."

The manager of a skin care center in California shared her experience of work-related physical strain and how grounding has alleviated her symptoms, "After introducing a grounding pad at work and home, I noticed a reduction in stiffness and pain, an increase in energy, and an ability to perform my job without discomfort. Both clients and employees have reported feeling more energized and less fatigued at the end of the day."

For those suffering from fibromyalgia, which often includes chronic fatigue among its symptoms, grounding has been shown to offer significant relief. Click here to explore an article on fibromyalgia and grounding.


  • Collatz A, et al. A systematic review of drug therapies for chronic fatigue syndrome/myalgic encephalomyelitis. Clinical Therapies, 2016: 38(6), 263-71.

Source, Credit: GroundingWell

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