We often field questions about the concept of "dirty electricity," largely prompted by concerns circulating online:

There's a notion suggesting that grounding oneself indoors via a wall outlet could channel "dirty electricity" through the grounding cord and device, and subsequently through your body, posing a risk.

This claim lacks foundation.

"Dirty electricity" describes the high-frequency transients and spikes in electrical wiring, produced by various household devices and appliances like dimmer switches, refrigerators, air conditioners, vacuum cleaners, and hair dryers.

Contrary to the assertion that grounding amplifies the risk posed by these electrical transients, grounding has been shown to block these spikes from affecting the body. This protective effect against "dirty electricity" was illustrated in a study conducted by a Polish neurosurgeon and cardiologist.

Moreover, Earthing Harmony's grounding products include a safety feature — a built-in 100K Ohm resistor in the grounding cords designed to halt any potentially dangerous currents.

Grounding has profound benefits for the body, including cellular rejuvenation and significant reduction of inflammation, which is linked to many common health issues. Published research has not supported the idea that "dirty electricity" can affect a grounded body. On the contrary, evidence suggests grounding shields the body from such electrical noise. The only potential issues may arise from a malfunctioning home grounding system (at which point consulting an electrician is advised) or in individuals who are electro-sensitive.

Source, Credit: GroundingWell

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