Apop-E 300 - Powerful Vitamin E - 30 Count


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Apop-E 300 - Powerful Vitamin E - 30 Count

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Description of Apop-E 300 - Powerful Vitamin E - 30 Count

Conners Originals Apop-E 300 is a unique tocopherol-free, tocotrienols-only product, featuring tocotrienols sourced from the annatto tree. Annatto is the richest known source of tocotrienols, containing 100% tocotrienols (90% delta and 10% gamma isomers), with no tocopherols.

Commercial vitamin E supplements are typically rich in tocopherols and low or absent in tocotrienols; however, tocotrienol fractions have unique beneficial effects across a variety of tissues that make them desirable for supporting many aspects of health. Research indicates that tocopherolsโ€”especially alpha-tocopherolโ€”may interfere with key therapeutic effects of tocotrienols, so it may be best to dose tocotrienols alone, without tocopherols.

Vitamin E is not a single nutrient, but rather a complex consisting of 4 tocopherols and 4 tocotrienols. Each of these components has a different molecular weight and slightly different chemical structure, which impart distinct properties that influence their biochemical functions. Apop-E 300 features DeltaGoldยฎ, a patented annatto tocotrienol formula produced in the US by American River Manufacturing.ย 


  • Vitamin E Isomers

Made with non-GMO ingredients.


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Customer Reviews

Based on 4 reviews
Nancy D.W.

I think it gives me added energy. But I also take meds. that effect me and make me tired.

Sharon C.
I like it!

Itโ€™s a easy supplement to take. Not sure I have really noticed much because I started other supplements at the same time. But I do believe itโ€™s helped me with some breathing issues! So thatโ€™s great!

Marc G.
Apop-E is a very good product!

I'm very happy with the vitamin E capsules, Apop-E. The bottles are small and the product is always fresh.

Stuart H.

Am using it as an additional item for a particular protocol. Seems to be possibly working for me as I have been somewhat stable for a time now.

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