Bass Toothbrush OraWellness - Conners Clinic Bass Toothbrush OraWellness - Conners Clinic
Bass Toothbrush $3.00
The way we brush our teeth has an impact on our overall health The tools we choose to use can make all the difference whether brushing is a health-giving habit or a habit that may cause harm. Statistics show that brushing too hard can lead to: gum recession loss of enamel sensitive teeth and gums That's why we love our Bass toothbrushes. They are gentle, nonabrasive and do a wonderful job keeping your teeth and gums healthy and clean. "I used to have bleeding gums and sensitive teeth…And now I’m elated to report shiny, white, plaque-free teeth using your natural HealThy Mouth Blend and simple Bass brush!" Nell A, Washington What makes our toothbrushes a wise choice? Better design - the design of our toothbrushes has been clinically proven to effectively reduce gum disease Better materials - made from BPA-free plastics in the USA "My dentist even commented that he wished he had my gums! I am a Nutritional Therapist and I recommend your website, Bass Toothbrush and Healthy Mouth Blend all the time." Lois P, Colorado What makes our brushes different? shorter handle forces us to rethink how we use the toothbrush spaced out bristle tufts allow for the bristles to wiggle into gum line more effectively (allows us to disrupt and disorganize bad bugs that cause gum disease) rounded bristle tips make sure you are gently massaging gum tissue rather than assaulting sensitive gum tissue. made from BPA-free plastics made in the USA "I am an adult with braces and they are the best toothbrushes I have used for my braces and gums." Debbie W, Oklahoma How do you brush with a Bass toothbrush? Clinical research has proven that the Bass brushing technique reduces the risk of gum disease. Here's a quick video that details the history of Dr. Bass and demonstrates the Bass brushing technique. FAQs How do I keep my toothbrush clean? Rinse your brush under warm, running water.  You can also use a gentle soap.  Leave it out to dry between uses. Ideally, leave it on a sunny windowsill. For more information, here’s an article we wrote on this subject:  3 easy ways to keep bad bugs from growing on your toothbrush How often should I change my toothbrush? Rather than suggesting a specific time frame to replace the Bass toothbrush, we suggest replacing them when they show signs of wear (which can be different for each person, depending on their brushing habits). When the brushes lose their designed shape, they cannot perform the functions we want them to. So, we suggest replacing the toothbrush when the bristles begin to fray and frazzle and lose their shape. I get that Bass brushing is focused on the gum line.  Do I still need to brush my teeth too? Yes, in addition to using the Bass Brushing Technique to disrupt bad bugs along the gum line, it is important to also brush our teeth. You see, brushing our teeth removes plaque and prevents the bad bugs from eroding the tooth enamel. So, what tool can we use for brushing our teeth? As far as what toothbrush you should use for brushing your teeth, it’s really up to you to decide. Our Bass Toothbrush has rounded bristles and a shorter handle that prompts the user to grasp the brush with a lighter hand and use less pressure when brushing. These features will help you avoid etching your teeth and irritating the tender tissue of the mouth. Is this brush a soft bristled brush? Our Bass toothbrush bristles are medium firmness. You see, bristles with medium firmness are more effective at disrupting bad bugs in the mouth than bristles that are too soft (soft bristles tend to just mash against the teeth and gums). Of course, brushing too hard can hurt the delicate tissue in the mouth, so any tool we use in the mouth can help or harm depending on our technique and whether or not we are using it with conscious awareness. What's the difference between Bass brushes and other brushes? Our Bass toothbrush has fewer bristles than most other toothbrushes. This helps the bristles to wiggle down along the gum line and clear away the bugs that cause gum disease. This is important because when there are too many bristles on a toothbrush, they are ineffective and just mash against our teeth rather than helping to disrupt and clear away the bad bugs. Also, the bristles of our Bass toothbrushes have rounded tips to ensure that they are gentle on the gums. Many other toothbrushes have rough-cut bristles, and this can etch the enamel of the teeth and irritate the gums, which contributes to receding gums. Finally, our Bass toothbrushes have a shorter handle. The handles are made shorter on purpose to provoke the user to grasp the brush with a lighter hand, like if you were holding a violin bow. This reduces the amount of pressure that our tender gums receive during brushing (brushing hard with firm pressure harms the gums more than it helps). What's the best order to brush and floss? The best sequence to help navigate to optimal oral health is brush first, clean the tongue, floss consciously, and finally swish.
HealThy Mouth Essential Oil Blend - 15 ml Bottle OraWellness Toothpaste - Conners Clinic HealThy Mouth Essential Oil Blend - 15 ml Bottle OraWellness Toothpaste - Conners Clinic
HealThy Mouth Natural Toothpaste Essential Oil Blend - 15 ml Bottle $22.97
Tired of questionable ingredients in your toothpaste? Finally, a toothpaste alternative made from 100% certified organic ingredients! How does the HealThy Mouth Blend help? Restore the natural balance of microbes that live in our mouths.Tooth decay and gum disease mean that our mouths are out of balance. The HealThy Mouth Blend was formulated using certified organic plant essences that have been used in traditional medicine for thousands of years to help restore the mouth to health. Stop and even reverse gum disease by restoring balance in the mouth Heal bad breath by addressing the root cause Stop tooth decay by making it more difficult for microbes to attach to the teeth Support stressed tissue to heal itself Help remineralize tooth decay by increasing saliva production What Ingredients are in HealThy Mouth Blend? (All 100% certified organic ingredients) Original Formula Organic Sweet Almond Oil, Organic Cinnamon Leaf Oil, Organic Peppermint Leaf Oil, Organic Spearmint Leaf Oil, Organic Clove Bud Oil, Organic Myrrh Oil, and Organic Manuka Oil. Nut Free Formula Organic Jojoba Oil, Organic Cinnamon Leaf Oil, Organic Peppermint Leaf Oil, Organic Spearmint Leaf Oil, Organic Clove Bud Oil, Organic Myrrh Oil, and Organic Manuka Oil What is the Purity? Gluten free, soy free, GMO free, fluoride free, SLS free, glycerin free, and NO additives, toxins, 'questionable ingredients', or artificial anything! How to Use HealThy Mouth Blend? When Brushing You can use HealThy Mouth Blend by itself or in addition to your regular toothpaste or tooth powder. Apply 3 or 4 drops of HealThy Mouth Blend onto your toothbrush and brush as usual. Remember, the bacteria that cause gum disease can double every 20 minutes! For best results, brush at least 2 minutes twice daily using the HealThy Mouth Blend. To Eliminate Chronic Bad Breath We also highly encourage users to brush their tongues with the HealThy Mouth Blend after scraping the tongue with a tongue scraper to eliminate bad breath! As a Mouthwash Simply place 1-2 drops of HealThy Mouth Blend in a small amount of water and swish to reduce the bad bugs in the mouth, freshen the breath AND increase saliva production all at the same time. On Floss Placing a drop between your index finger and thumb and running a piece of floss through the oils impregnates the floss with the healing plant oils in the HealThy Mouth Blend. Flossing with the HealThy Mouth Blend provides an even deeper method to get the balancing power of the formula deeper in the gum pockets especially between molars where gum disease gets going easiest! Here's a short, instructional video tutorial that demonstrates these 4 powerful strategies on how to use the Healthy Mouth Blend. Take a look at our article on FAQs related to HealThy Mouth Natural Toothpaste Essential Oil Blend by OraWellness.
Shine Remineralizing & Tooth Whitening Powder - 60g Jar OraWellness Toothpaste Mint - Conners Clinic Shine Remineralizing & Tooth Whitening Powder - 60g Jar OraWellness Toothpaste - Conners Clinic
Shine Remineralizing & Tooth Whitening Powder - 60g Jar $29.94
Unlike other whitening products that can actually damage enamel, the primary intent behind OraWellness Shine is to remineralize our teeth. Once we restore lost minerals, we can address the secondary focus of Shine: to gently encourage a brighter, whiter smile. How Does Shine Remineralize our Teeth? Shine combines 3 remineralization strategies to create a unique remineralization product solution the world has never seen. The reason Shine works so well is because: the minerals are exactly the same as the minerals our teeth are made of the minerals are in a very bio-available form the particle size is tiny in order to be incorporated into the tiny tubule structure of our teeth the formula uses a unique delivery method to bring the minerals exactly to where our teeth need support So, one reason Shine works so well to reverse tooth decay is simply that Shine makes available tiny particles of the exact mineral structure our teeth are made of available to rebuild and restore the minerals that have been lost from our teeth. (If you'd like to learn more how our teeth remineralize, learn more here.)  How Does Shine Gently Whiten? Whitening teeth is risky business because most whitening products are actually bleaching agents which can cause a loss of minerals and weaken the teeth. Researchers found that there's one ingredient, white kaolin clay powder, that is the most effective way to whiten and clean the teeth without damaging enamel. The good news is even staining on veneers or composite (white) fillings on front teeth can be polished whiter.  These dental materials are at risk of being stained by common staining foods/drinks (coffee, tea, red wine, green smoothies, blueberries, etc).  OraWellness Shine even helps to remove stains from these dental restorations. What Ingredients are in Shine? Mint Microcrystalline Hydroxyapatite* (powdered bone from grass-fed New Zealand cattle), Sodium Bicarbonate, Xylitol (sourced from birch), White Kaolin Clay, Calcium Lactate (non-dairy), Magnesium Carbonate, Peppermint, Spearmint, Himalayan Salt, and Menthol. Cinnamon Microcrystalline Hydroxyapatite* (powdered bone from grass-fed New Zealand cattle), Sodium Bicarbonate, Xylitol, White Kaolin Clay, Calcium Lactate (non-dairy), Magnesium Carbonate, Himalayan Salt, and Cinnamon Oil. *An animal product How Long Will This Jar of Shine Last? 1 jar (60 grams) should last you over 200 uses. What is the Purity? Certified gluten free, soy free, dairy free, GMO free, rice free, fluoride free, SLS free, glycerin free.Not a vegan product. Contains animal products from pasture-based cattle from New Zealand.Pet owners, please note: Shine is NOT safe to use on our furry friends. The xylitol that it contains can be fatally dangerous to dogs, and the essential oils that it contains are not good for cats. So, please keep Shine well out of reach of pets. How to Use OraWellness Shine For general remineralizing support, simply apply Shine to a moistened toothbrush and brush as normal. To increase whitening benefit, focus on the front teeth when first starting to brush. For extra remineralizing support, swish Shine around your mouth for several minutes after brushing.
Tongue Cleaner OraWellness Toothpaste - Conners Clinic Tongue Cleaner OraWellness Toothpaste - Conners Clinic
Tongue Cleaner - The Natural Cure for Bad Breathe $9.95
We are so proud of our 'zero plastic' packaging for these awesome tongue cleaners! Like good silverware, our tongue cleaner is made of stainless steel and the curved cleaning edge removes bacteria and soft plaque in seconds! Cleaning your tongue is comfortable, quick and effective with this quality tongue cleaner. Guaranteed! Modern research confirms that tongue cleaning is the best way to remove bacteria that cause bad breath. Tongue cleansing also helps improve taste, remove the coating on the tongue, and slow the growth of plaque. We use stainless steel because it is impervious to bacteria and is more comfortable and gentle on the tongue than plastic. This is also why people prefer eating with silverware over plasticware. Precurved shape gives precise control Great oral benefits for a small price Very effective in reducing the bacteria that cause bad breath, cleaning the tongue literally takes seconds each brushing. Best if used in combination with the OraWellness HealThy Mouth Blend for the ultimate technique to end bad breath forever! Take a look at our article on FAQs related to HealThy Mouth Natural Toothpaste Essential Oil Blend by OraWellness.

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