Pro-Flora Concentrate 90 caps *


Pro-Flora Concentrate 90 caps *

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Pro-Flora Concentrate โ€“ 1 Billion CFU Probiotic Supplement

Pro-Floraโ„ข Concentrate with Probiotic Pearlsโ„ข Technology targeted digestive control. When under physical, emotional, or mental stress, changes may occur within the gastrointestinal environment. Pro-Flora Concentrate provides 1 billion CFUs of a blend of human strain probiotics per easy-to-swallow capsule to promote intestinal care and colon health.

Protecting the Active Cultures

In order for a probiotic supplement to be effective, it must utilize a delivery form that protects the live, active cultures from an array of damaging environmental factors. Pro-Flora Concentrate accomplishes this with an encapsulating process, known as True Deliveryโ„ข Technology. This triple-layer coating system results in a convenient delivery form that protects the vulnerable probiotics within from heat, moisture, oxygen, and stomach acid.

True Delivery Technology guarantees that active cultures:

โ€ข Survive stomach acid
โ€ข Arrive in the intestines
โ€ข Remain alive for exceptional support

Shelf-Stable, Non-Refrigerated

This encapsulation ensures Pro-Flora Concentrate is shelf-stable and require no refrigeration, while maintaining full potency through the lifespan of the product, making it a convenient probiotic option for patients.


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