Programmed Rife Machine - TrueRife F-122 Generator + Crystal Hammer Bulb / Rife Membership (Level 3)


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Programmed Rife Machine - TrueRife F-122 Generator + Crystal Hammer Bulb / Rife Membership (Level 3)

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Description of Programmed Rife Machine - TrueRife F-122 Generator + Crystal Hammer Bulb / Rife Membership (Level 3)

This product is not available for normal retail purchase. It is only available to those that we specifically offer this package (we encourage you to schedule a Intro/Case Review Call with Dr. Conners prior to purchase) or those on our Stop Fighting Cancer or other Educational Course.  Should someone purchase a Programmed Rife, we will NEED to call and confirm details and acceptance for purchase. 

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Your Programmed Rife Equipment purchase includes all necessary Rife equipment for continued daily home care:

  • TrueRife F-122 Generator
  • Crystal Hammer Bulb
  • Ion Pro-Wave Foot Bath
  • Soft-Ground Grounding Mat
  • Jackhammer Amplification System
  • Travel Case
  • Laptop Computer with:
    • Personalized and tailored programming by Dr. Conners, in a folder just for you, within the TrueRife software program
    • Nearly 2400 additional shorter programs to use as desired, for yourself and/or your family
    • Video tutorials/Rife training, conveniently located on the desktop
  • FREE access to our Frequency Healing COURSE where you'll receive:
    • Dozens of instructional videos for set-up and use, and to help you understand the Rife, the technology and history of Rife, as well as other frequency healing tools
  • A technical support call, to help clarify setup and use of the Rife machine, if needed

Although not included in this Membership, the following options are also available to you as a Rife Member: 

  • Access to Request Private Educational Coaching Calls with Dr. Conners (details can be found in the Modules of your Frequency Healing Course)
  • Access to Conners Clinic's Lab Store for Discounted Lab Kits  (details can be found in the Modules of your Frequency Healing Course)
  • Access to Order Supplements and/or Other Products


PLEASE NOTE: We make NO health claims regarding the Rife or any other therapy and purchaser fully understands his/her responsibilities with purchase

TrueRife F-122 Rife Generator

The impact of the F-122 is beyond compare. When used as a contact device, bulb to ground voltages may exceed an explosive 1,800 volts! This incredible output is regulated by limiting current to a safe comfortable level and use of the Soft Ground Mat that was developed in conjunction with 3M to dampen the voltages while still accelerating signal to ground. The integrated Phaser and Super Regeneration circuitry is unique and exclusive to TrueRife.

Crystal Hammer Bulb

The Crystal Hammer bulb is covered in crystals that are electrified, radiating their own frequencies based on their size and shape. You will feel the effects of this advanced tube with four crystals and one gemstone embedded on the surface!

ASUS Laptop

Specifications: 10th Gen Core™, Windows Home 11, 12GB RAM, i3 8GB Memory, 512GB PCIe SSD+1TB HDD, 15.6" Screen.  The ASUS Laptop comes fully loaded with the latest version 6.4 TrueRife software. We have optimized power settings and removed antivirus software which can interfere with performance and functionality of the TrueRife F-122 Generator.

Note: We HIGHLY recommend that you leave the laptop on Airplane Mode and NOT to run any Windows Updates nor use the computer for anything but the Rife machine as these tend to bog down the Rife program.

Ion Pro Wave Foot Bath

The Ion Pro Wave's foot spa should not be compared with other ionic foot bath systems. These are frequency delivery modules that have their own unique programs. Simply plug the module into the F-122, add water, set the switch to bath, add 3/4 tablespoon of salt to the tub, place the SoftGround Pad behind your back and click the run button in our software.

NOTE: Module life of the Ion Pro Wave will vary but can exceed 100 sessions.

TrueRife Brand Soft Ground, Earthing Mat

The Soft Ground Mat is designed for comfort and signal acceleration during your Ion Pro Wave sessions. No more hard metal foot plates or rods for grounding. You can be hands-free and enjoy the comfort of grounding. Grounding is important during your sessions for energy transference to maximize results. Some researchers have also concluded that cortisol levels may improve while grounding. We have been able to shorten many programs due to this breakthrough in frequency delivery. The Soft Ground Mat is the result of 5 years of TrueRife research in conjunction with G.E. Polymershapes, Sabic Corporation and the 3M Company. You can feel and hear the acceleration while using this product behind the back. 

Jackhammer Amplification System

The Jack Hammer Amplifier will accelerate the output of your TrueRife Bulbs up to 256x. While this doesn't make the Rife machine work better, it does allow you to be further from the bulb. This is perfect for those that don't like the sound or lights (the amplifier decreases brightness) while sleeping, you can place it under your bed. It also makes it easier to use during the day, or for multiple people at once (e.g. kids sharing a room).

WARNING: Amplifier is NOT to be used with the Qx2 or Tornado Bulb (neither are included with this purchase.) It is compatible with all other bulbs from TrueRife. Using the Jackhammer with the Qx2 or Tornado Bulb will damage the F-122.

F-122 Setup Manual

Step-by-step instruction to help you get up and running.

TrueRife Software

Version 6.4 software provides the latest research including new video links on thousands of health conditions. The embedded research is based on feedback through the years from the best practitioners as well as information that has been collected over the last 17 years of our existence.

  • Compatible with Windows and macOS
  • Over 2,400 programs with over 1,000 video links
  • Free program updates for the life of the system - simply click the Update Frequencies button in our software once a week to stay up to date with the latest research contributed from the TrueRife Network of almost 4,000 members

Travel Case

This case can hold an F-122 generator, Ion Pro Wave, Hammer Bulb, and Grounding Mat to be used with the Ion Pro Wave.

FREE Shipping?

We offer free standard shipping (usually UPS ground) within the continental United States. To have this product shipped elsewhere, or for expedited service and/or an alternative carrier, please contact us for rates.

Please take a moment to review our disclaimer.

Due to FDA regulations and various state laws, no health or medical claims can be made for TrueRife technology. All information enclosed within this website must be considered theoretical, unproven, and for experimental research only. TrueRife makes no claims regarding the efficacy of any of its products to treat damage to an organ, part, structure, or system of the body such that it does not function properly. TrueRife makes no claims regarding the efficacy of any of its products to diagnose, mitigate, treat, cure, or prevent disease. We do not make any implied claims based on product names, symbols, imagery, or otherwise. TrueRife products are not a substitute for any product or treatment that is a therapy for a disease. If you are experiencing any health problem, please consult a licensed health professional immediately.

NOTE: We have a strict, no-return policy on all equipment, products, and supplements

You receive this Course FREE with your Rife purchase:

Customer Reviews

Based on 4 reviews
Michele P.
Feeling better

I felt better and slept sounder right away.

Everyone should have one of these

Dr. Conners' programming for my husband has helped so much. My entire family has used the Rife for various issues. My mom blew her surgeon away during her post-op appointment. Healing was better than someone half her age and she needed NO pain medication. She used the Accelerated Healing and Pain programs for just one week after the surgery. I could give several more examples of why we love this therapy, and how helpful it has been.

Sleeping like never before.

Since starting the Rife machine, from day one I noticed how quickly I fall asleep and stay asleep for much longer than before having Dr. Conners Rife program running. I thought it may be a fluke, but it is going on week 3 and still sleeping much better. I don't toss and turn, and my snoring has been reduced greatly. This happened the 1st night I tried the Rife program and continues to this day.

Lori M.
Excited Rife owner.

We are learning all the things this machine can do are we are so excited to have this in our cancer arsenal. We look forward using it daily and learning more as we go.

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