Mightiest Vite® Fruit Punch 30 Servings *


Mightiest Vite® Fruit Punch 30 Servings *

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Description of Mightiest Vite® Fruit Punch 30 Servings *

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Clinical Applications:
Mighty vite is Recommended For:
  • Adding important vitamins to a child’s diet*
  • Supporting digestive health in kids*
  • Immune support* • Support your child’s overall health, digestion, and immunity with this tasty and nutritious powder. *

 Delicious, fruit-punch-flavored multivitamins packs together critical nutrients to support childrens overall health and well-being.*

Mightiest vite is formulated with the same level of attention to ingredient quality as an adult multivitamin. Most children’s multivitamins include standard B vitamins. Mightiest vite on the other hand, includes activated forms of B vitamins, which your child’s body can use more quickly and effectively. Mightiest vite contains folate in a highly stable and bioavailable form. It’s a better choice than folic acid for kids. Mightiest vite provides the active form of folate, so your child’s body can use it immediately. This is especially helpful for kids who need help supporting a healthy attention span.*


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