Smart Meter Cover - EMF, Radiation Faraday Cage

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Smart Meter Cover - EMF, Radiation Faraday Cage

$44.99 $72.95 -39% OFF
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Description of Smart Meter Cover - EMF, Radiation Faraday Cage

NOTE: Before you order - these are NOT returnable.

This Smart meter cover may NOT exactly fit every Smart meter! Please measure yours. Though it does fit almost all smart meters.'s an easy fix if it seems too large: 

It can be VERY helpful to purchase a small roll of foam weatherstripping (see below) to apply to your meter or the inside of this cover to help it fit snug.


You can also order this weatherstripping HERE

Smart Meter Cover EMF/Radiation Faraday Guard

Our Smart Meter Cover EMF Blocking Guard for Electric meters creates a faraday cage to minimize EMF frequencies and RF waves from your electric smart meter.

From a physics standpoint a Faraday cage does not allow the high frequency electromagnetic waves to pass through the parallel lines of the metal material due to the field effect, whether it is grounded or not. Instead, the EMF/RF waves coming from your smart meter are absorbed into the mesh and shunted to ground.

Product Details

  • Reduces smart meter EMF and RF Radiation without interrupting signal to your utility company
  • Easy to install, no drilling/wiring/assembly
  • High quality stainless steel construction
  • Portable - it moves with you
  • Fully tested and proven to block 98+% of the EMF frequencies with real data!

What About the Back of the Utility Box?

The utility box for your smart electric meter is comprised of grounded metal, and this includes the back of the box. The glass front of your smart meter is the only part of your electrical box that is not grounded, and is where the RF waves come out. The RF waves radiate all over, but they can't penetrate grounded metal. Once this Smart Meter Faraday Cover is installed the glass will be covered and no EMF waves will be able to escape the utility box.

Customer Reviews

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Great Smart Meter Cover for RF/EMF Radiation

Really happy to have this smart meter cover over our electric smart meter. I feel better having the RF Radiation/EMFs blocked with a faraday cage!

Super simple to install too.

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