EMF Radiation-Free Air Tube Earbud Headphones

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White Earbud Headphones White Earbud Headphones + Bluetooth Adapter Black Earbud Headphones Black Earbud Headphones + Bluetooth Adapter Rose Gold Earbud Headphones Rose Gold Earbud Headphones + Bluetooth Adapter

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EMF Radiation-Free Air Tube Earbud Headphones

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White Earbud Headphones White Earbud Headphones + Bluetooth Adapter Black Earbud Headphones Black Earbud Headphones + Bluetooth Adapter Rose Gold Earbud Headphones Rose Gold Earbud Headphones + Bluetooth Adapter
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Description of EMF Radiation-Free Air Tube Earbud Headphones

Our EMF-Blocking, Radiation-Free earbuds (with microphone!) use hollow air tubes to protect your brain from the harmful effects of EMF exposure.

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Note: Because these are personal use items, once they have been used we are unable to sell them again. For this reason we do not allow returns for any reason other than a manufacturing defect.

  • Hollow air tubes eliminate EMF radiation
  • Superior, stereo sound quality
  • Answer calls, adjust volume, change songs

 Do you have a new phone that DOES NOT HAVE A HEADPHONE JACK? Select the bundle, or grab the single Bluetooth adapter (we've tested it ourselves and there are almost 0 EMFs emitted!) for a SIMPLE solution: Bluetooth Adapter for Wired Headphones 👌🏽 


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About EMF Radiation-Free Air Tube Earbud Headphones

  • ⚡️ RADIATION PROTECTION PATENT CERTIFIED by the World Intellectual Property Organization (WIPO) to reduce 99.9% of EMF radiation to protect you and your family from headaches, insomnia, and other EMF-related diseases.

  • ☢️  TRIPLEX ANTI-RADIATION FUNCTIONS which cannot be found in traditional earphones: no speaker in the earbuds, air tube isolates the magnetic field & radiation source, and the metal shielding line prevents transmission of high frequency electromagnetic waves to achieve optimal anti-radiation effect and avoid direct damage to eardrum and brain!

  • 📱 FULL COMPATIBILITY with high-quality 3.5mm earplug which is compatible with most 3.5mm audio devices, like iPhone 6s(Plus) 6(Plus) 5S 5, iPad, iPod, Samsung and other Android or Windows cell phones, Smart Phones, PC, tablet, Notebook, Player, MP3 / MP4, etc.

  • ♬ MUSIC & PHONE CALL CONTROL function buttons on headset enable easy sound control and also free your hands from needing to hold your phone while talking.

  • c INCREDIBLE SOUND QUALITY — Advanced stereo speakers deliver high fidelity sound. Air-filled hollow tube increases space for tone development, producing body and delivering a more vibrant audio experience.

Customer Reviews

Based on 9 reviews
Jill H.
Quality sound.

The earbud headphones I rate high in sound quality. I do have a little trouble keeping them in my ear as my ear canals seem to be a bit too narrow for them to stay in if I move around too much. I might like to see some of those attachments that have a curved arm type rubber cover that fits more securely inside the ear.

Mandy P.
Love them

I've been wanting headphones like this for ages and finally decided to go for it because the price was reasonable! I wouldn't use them if I really wanted a great sound for music, but I mostly use them for podcasts and learning, so I'm OK with the slightly muffled sound.

Grrreat headphones!

I am very satisfied with these headphones. Frankly, I'd not expecting them to be this good since they don't use the typical technology, but the sound quality is excellent! I have difficulty hearing speech online, an these have more than enough volume, which is easy to control so that it's maximally comfortable. And all for a good price, too. What a find!

Back to buy 2 more as gifts!

I agree with the other reviews. I was pleasantly surprised at how good the sound was, the comfort, along with the overall quality. Thank you, Conners Clinic for selling these protective EMF headphones. Love them!

Love these headphones!

The sound is good but more importantly, I feel good knowing that I'm exposed to much less radiation. I use these a lot with the bluetooth adaptor so I don't have to have my phone so close to my body. Price is very reasonable for this type of protection!

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