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Grounding Mat for Your Bed or Chair - Half Sheet Size Conners Clinic Equipment - Conners Clinic

Grounding Mat for Your Bed or Chair - Half Sheet Size

Conners Clinic
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We recommend this to be used as seen in the picture (for one person) only if you are not using a Rife machine. If you are using a Rife, use this on the LOWER HALF of the bed ONLY (NOT as seen on this picture). If you have a double/queen/king bed, it would then cover both people (the lower half of body) for grounding.

Enjoy a deeper sleep and wake up feeling refreshed with this Grounding Sleep Mat. The Grounding Sleep Mat is designed to sit under a fitted sheet and cover the entire area of the body. The bed mat is made of a soft and 100% conductive carbon leatherette that feels great against the skin, and its larger surface area keeps it from wrinkling in the middle of the night.

Dimensions: 27" x 72"

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