The 3 Phases of Lyme


The 3 Phases of Lyme

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Description of The 3 Phases of Lyme
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The 3 Phases of Lyme addresses the difficulty and error in treating Chronic Lyme disease. While Lyme Disease has long been separated into Acute and Chronic stages, Dr. Conners coined the term "Phase 3" to describe a third, Autoimmune phase of Lyme that can be insidious.Autoimmune, Phase 3 Lyme Disease is the most poorly understood phase of Lyme and also the most commonly mistreated by practitioners. The longer the patient’s immune system struggles in its attempt to kill a pathogen that has an uncanny ability to hide, the greater chance there is that the B-cells will begin to erroneously create antibodies to the self-tissue with the greatest concentration of bacteria.

When a patient has self-antibodies, it is inadvisable to use immune-stimulating nutraceuticals as these would just aide the body in killing self-tissue. Since the immune system, when stimulated, will kill that which it has antibodies against first, we do not want to stimulate the immune response of an autoimmune patient. How do we then kill pathogens if we can’t harness the body’s immune system to do so? That's what this book is all about.Both the practitioner as well as the patient will gain insights to better help those suffering with the detrimental effects of the enigma of Lyme Disease.

From the Author

I am not a doctor who believes that God desires to heal all our wounds or cure every chronic lyme disease patient. We all will die; some of car accidents, some of old age, and other of cancer. Where we go after we die is of most concern. We must surrender to the fact that God is God and we are not. This doesn’t mean that we are to passively allow the world and its evils to beat us down; we are to keep fighting the fight while surrendering to God.

This is when the healing begins. This is when the peace that passes all human understanding can fill you, comfort you, and snuggle you with warmth through the chill of despair. This is my prayer for you, not that your cancer goes away but that your cancer drives you to a relationship with your Father that is new, refreshed, real, and eternal.

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