The 3 Phases of Lyme - The Course

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The 3 Phases of Lyme - The Course

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Description of The 3 Phases of Lyme - The Course

What’s Inside the Course

  • 7 modules uniquely designed to explain the vital information acquired from Dr. Conners’ 35+ Years of Clinical Experience
  • BONUS resources that carry you through a deep dive into each module topic
  • Protocols, best practices, and general considerations for different experiences, PLUS,
  • The ability to schedule private educational coaching calls with Dr. Conners (Prerequisite: A completed Intake Form and an initial consultation/Case Review with Dr. Conners), AND
  • Direct access to our Lab Store for lab test kits  (Note: We highly recommend scheduling a Case Review prior to ordering labs)

We have all experienced a time when we needed support to help us through a challenging experience. The struggle of dealing with Lyme Disease is no exception.

A first-time Lyme diagnosis can be a tremendous shock, and recurrence after years can bring up feelings and concerns you thought were gone for good. You may find yourself wondering, “what do I do now?

Look no further to find the answers. 

You are a dynamic being composed of cells, tissues, and organs designed with the innate ability to heal. Tapping into that inborn wisdom and combining it with Dr. Conners’ 35+ years of clinical experience can help you rewrite your health script and uncover the primary factors that have led you to this journey of reclaiming your health, fortitude, and vitality. 

Empower yourself with the physical, emotional, and spiritual tools to confidently address imbalances influencing your current health state. Whether you are newly diagnosed, undergoing various treatments, or managing a new presentation, this course can help offer you HOPE.  

Prerequisite: Complete THIS EDUCATIONAL INTAKE form

In this course you will discover the most insightful, sustainable solutions for caring for your body and navigating your path back to wellness. 

Also included in your lifetime access to the complete The 3 Phases of Lyme online course:

  • Dr. Conners and his clinical team continue to add updates, evolving research, and protocols to keep you informed for long-term success.
  • Early access to special offers on protocols, online events, and more.
There is hope! With the right tools, guidance, and knowledge, you can help your body naturally heal. Don’t miss this one-of-a-kind, comprehensive resource.

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