All-Purpose EMF Blocking Faraday Bags

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8.5" x 4" (22cm x 10.5cm) 10" x 10" 17" x 15"

All-Purpose EMF Blocking Faraday Bags

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8.5" x 4" (22cm x 10.5cm) 10" x 10" 17" x 15"
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Description of All-Purpose EMF Blocking Faraday Bags

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Slim, Lightweight RF Anti-Radiation Protection for Smart Meter, Wi-Fi Router, Cell Phone, Laptop

Our Original Smart Meter Cover EMF Shield Bag uses specialty material to block EMF frequencies and RF waves from your smart meters (electric, water gas) as well as your wi-fi routers, Apple TV unit, Sonos player and more! We designed this EMF cover to be highly usable around your home. Fit multiple units inside the large 17โ€ x 15โ€ bag, or use the 8.5โ€ x 4โ€ RF protecting cover for your cell phone, key fob, or more. You can even leave it by your bedside and slip your phone in it at night!

The high RF absorbent material incorporates the Faraday cage technology developed by Michael Faraday in the 1940โ€™s. From a physics stand point a Faraday cage does not allow the high frequency electro magnetic waves to pass through the parallel lines of the copper material due to the field effect whether it is grounded or not.

Electric, Water, and Gas Smart Meters are manufactured in many different shapes and sizes, which is why we designed our Meter Guard to fit over any smart meter.

Sizes and Uses

For Wi-Fi routerย applications, do not cinch the tie to allow heat toย leave back of unit. We recommend removing the bag every so often for a short time.

8.5" x 4"ย 
This smaller size is ideal for:

  • Cell Phones (in your pocket or purse, next to your bed at night)
  • Key Fobs
  • Credit Cards

10" x 10"ย 
Thisย medium size is ideal for:

  • Multiple Cell Phonesย 
  • Multiple smaller objects
  • Credit Cards, wallets, small handbags
  • Smaller routers

*17" x 15"
This larger size is perfect for:

  • Smart Meters
  • Wi-Fi routers
  • Electronic devices: laptop/tablet/cell phone
  • Homeopathy remedies

Product Details

  • Reduces EMF and RF Radiation form smart meters without interrupting signal to your utility company
  • Adjustable Size fits all applications (smart meter, wireless router, Apple TV)
  • More versatile than โ€œSmart Meter Coverโ€ or โ€œSmart Meter Guardโ€ products
  • *Made in the USA

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