Cheek Swabs for Distance Testing (Includes 3 Swabs)


Cheek Swabs for Distance Testing (Includes 3 Swabs)

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Description of Cheek Swabs for Distance Testing (Includes 3 Swabs)


This includes a set of THREE - for future use as well.

Cheek Swab Sample Instructions:

• Remove ONE swab stick from packaging

• Insert swab stick into mouth {or onto part of body as directed} and collect sample

• Place sample into ONE of the provided hazard bags and seal

• Use your OWN shipping envelope if one is not provided to return sample for clinic.


Dr. Conners, 2261 State Road 35, Somerset, WI 54025

Upon receipt of sample, we will do our necessary testing and be in-touch with you when our testing is complete. If you would like to send us an email to let us know that the sample is on its way, please email

To PAY for your cheek swab re-testing, please click HERE.

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