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Braving the Storm by Megan Van Zyl - Paperback, Workbook, or Bundle



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Description of Braving the Storm by Megan Van Zyl - Paperback, Workbook, or Bundle
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Japanese research found that spontaneous remission from cancer occurs within 24-hours of a profound, internal transformation.  What is Spontaneous Remission?  Spontaneous Remission from cancer is defined as an unexpected cure from a disease that usually progresses. There have been thousands of cases of spontaneous remission from cancer with the lack of detailed explorations regarding the underlying reasons why these cancer patients have gone through spontaneous remission.

The Book

Braving The Storm delves into the details of how to engage the mind, emotions and the body to experience a profound, internal transformation. Further, Braving The Storm details case studies of cancer patients who experienced spontaneous remission and what was involved in their profound, internal transformation. Here is Cindy's story to inspire you:

“I was diagnosed with Stage IV adenocarcinoma in my right lung which had metastasized into my spine. The CPU program brought to my attention the work I needed to do to experience a profound, internal transformation.

I can’t put into words the transformation I felt after each session with CPU. After 6 months, my oncologist read the results of my PET scan in a matter-of-fact tone: 'the scan only shows scar tissue in your lungs and your spine is healing.' It seemed quite anti-climactic. However, a few short months later, I was told that I was in complete remission! Relieved is not even the word to describe how I felt.

I thank CPU for helping me find this path of healing. Cancer brought me closer to God, my family and my friends. It also made me stop and think about what my true purpose is on this earth. At this moment, it is for me to say to you: 'If you are in the middle of a cancer storm, follow CPU’s protocol, and embrace the gift that has been given to Megan to share through CPU. Her CPU program is a godsend.'" ~Cindy

The Workbook

Braving The Storm: Companion Workbook is best used alongside the book, Braving The Storm: Find Hope During A Cancer Diagnosis. Chapter by chapter, you will do exercises and answer questions to help apply the knowledge you are gaining throughout reading the book. The goal is to trigger a profound, internal transformation that will impact your biology. Here is Lila's story who experienced a profound, internal transformation to inspire you:

“I was given the diagnosis of Multiple Myeloma, an incurable form of cancer. I was devastated. My negative childhood environment magnified the worst emotions and made me in a perpetual state of panic, thinking that the worst was coming. It was only after I started working with CPU that I realized how fear impacts one's health.

I didn't feel like a 'diagnosis' working with CPU; instead, I felt like a whole person and was uplifted from the empathetic support I received. I learned about the importance of proper nutrition and why it is critical to address the emotional roots of cancer. Further, as I watched CPU’s very informative and well-researched videos, I knew that I had made the right decision to work with CPU!

After 6-7 months of working with CPU, my overall health and outlook improved at the same time that my cancer blood markers finally went into the normal range! I was told shortly after by my oncologist that I was in remission! The support I found through CPU has been invaluable to me in my healing process. I could write my own book on how much CPU helped me!” ~Lila

From the Author

Megan Van Zyl, Ph.D. Hon, MA, NTP is the owner and CEO of Cancer Peace University. The goal of Cancer Peace University is to set you free from the fear of cancer. Megan Van Zyl received an honorary doctorate from United Theological College in Philosophy of Humanities for her significant work with those diagnosed with cancer. She also holds her MA in Human Development Counseling from Vanderbilt University. Megan Van Zyl works with cancer clients addressing both the emotional and physical roots of their diagnosis. She supports her clients with lifestyle changes, comprehensive education on the topic of what is cancer, dietary changes, emotional support and supplements. 

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