Serenade Herbal Vapor Kit


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Serenade Herbal Vapor Kit

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Description of Serenade Herbal Vapor Kit

#88 Serenade Herbal Vapor kit with 2 cartridges filled with Serenade blend, a rechargeable battery and USB charger, is a patent pending modern dhum pan (medicinal smoking in Ayurveda).  This product can help maintain a healthy stress response, and normal sleep patterns.

"The fastest way to get nutrients in the tissue is injection; the second is absorbing them through your lungs" - Dr. Conners
In Ayurveda there is a tradition of smoking herbs for health, this is called “Dhum Pan” which is smoking therapeutic herbs. This makes sense when we consider that the lungs are a quick pathway to the body and the bloodstream that skips digestion. Our patent pending herbal vapors use the pure CO2 extracts and/or essential oils from traditional therapeutic herbs to allow the consumer to experience Dhum Pan without actual smoke. This leap forward in technology gives us access to an ancient method while avoiding the potential health consequences of breathing in the smoke produced through the combustion of plant material.

 Our product contains no propylene glycol, no vegetable glycerin, no synthetic carriers, and no chemical solvents. Made using only 100 percent natural oils and extracts.

Organic Farming

One of our certified organic farms is in Umbari just a short drive west of Satara. It is situated in a lush, green environment surrounded by mountains and deep forests. Our farmland here is used as a source for turmeric and ginger as well as a model botanical garden with hundreds of herbs growing in it. 

Our operation is truly sustainable, not only do we grow herbs and spices on our own certified organic farm but we have organized and educated the farmers around us on organic, biodynamic and sustainable practices. Our partners and us have even paid the fees associated with getting the certification, this is an expense the farmers in that area could never have afforded on their own. We manage the paperwork for that certification and assist with the audits. We have also contracted with these farmers to grow and supply us with the herbs and spices necessary to maintain our supplies even through massive growth.

As a member of the Nisarga Biotech Group, we are a part of sustaining a wonderful way of life for over 400 Indian families near Satara and for helping to preserve the planet for the next generation. Our goals are not only financial in nature, but we are also looking to build a sustainable long-term revenue engine for everyone in our chain of supply. Be thoughtful in your purchasing so that groups like ours can continue to build a better tomorrow with sustainable actions today.

Rebel Herbs as a member of the Nisarga Biotech Group is certified by IMOswiss AG, under the Fair for Life program. Fair for Life goes beyond traditional fair trade by applying fair trade principles to relevant domestic or regional trade and by requiring ethical working conditions along the entire trade chain. Fair for Life certified products are only handled by companies that demonstrate decent working conditions for all their staff and are committed to fair sourcing practices. In response to this mandate, we pay our workers 20% more than the average wage for their position.

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Hand-Selected by Dr. Kevin Conners

Fulfilled Locally in the USA

We are a Wisconsin-based family company

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