Rife - TrueRife Personal Programming by Dr. Conners


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Rife - TrueRife Personal Programming by Dr. Conners

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Description of Rife - TrueRife Personal Programming by Dr. Conners

This service is not available for normal retail purchase. It is only available to those who ALREADY OWN a TrueRife, that we specifically offer this service to (we encourage a scheduled Intro Call with Dr. Conners prior to purchase) or those on our Stop Fighting Cancer or other Educational Course(s).  Should someone purchase Rife Frequency Programming, we will need to confirm details and acceptance for purchase. 

Prerequisite: Complete THIS EDUCATIONAL INTAKE form.

Looking for information about our Stop Fighting Cancer and Start Treating the Cause COURSE? Click HERE

Dr. Conners' Rife Frequency Programming includes:

  • A flash drive with personalized and tailored programming in a folder for the purchaser's use
  • Instructions on how to transfer your program folder from the flash drive to the TrueRife software program on your laptop
  • FREE access to our Frequency Healing COURSE where you'll receive:
    • Information on the healing benefits of Rife technology, as well as other healing tools/modalities to consider in your/your family's journey toward health and healing 
    • Instructional and FAQ videos
    • An explanation of the specific programs that Dr. Conners developed
    • How to use the Rife for cancer, Lyme, chronic disease, other illnesses due to mold and food antigens, and autoimmune conditions


  • This is a Rife Frequency Program purchase only
  • Equipment, nutraceutical (supplement) and diet recommendations are not included in this purchase
  • We make NO health claims regarding the Rife, Dr. Conners' programming, or any other therapy, and purchaser fully understands his/her responsibilities with purchase

You receive this Course FREE with your Rife Frequency Programming purchase:

Please take a moment to review our disclaimer:

Due to FDA regulations and various state laws, no health or medical claims can be made for TrueRife technology. All information enclosed within this website must be considered theoretical, unproven, and for experimental research only. TrueRife makes no claims regarding the efficacy of any of its products to treat damage to an organ, part, structure, or system of the body such that it does not function properly. TrueRife makes no claims regarding the efficacy of any of its products to diagnose, mitigate, treat, cure, or prevent disease. We do not make any implied claims based on product names, symbols, imagery, or otherwise. TrueRife products/programming are not a substitute for any product or treatment that is a therapy for a disease. If you are experiencing any health problem, please consult a licensed health professional immediately.

NOTE: We have a strict, no-return policy on all Rife programming, equipment, products, and supplements.

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