Reacted Magnesium - 180 Capsules


Reacted Magnesium - 180 Capsules

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Description of Reacted Magnesium - 180 Capsules

๏ปฟย Reacted Magnesium provides three unique forms of highly-absorbed magnesium to ensure maximum absorption of this important macromineral. Most magnesium supplements use only a single-source of magnesium, which can easily overwhelm a single pathway of absorption, and limit uptake of high-dose magnesium regimens. Reacted Magnesium takes advantage of three unique pathways of absorption by providing magnesium as di-magnesium malate, magnesium citrate and magnesium glycinate for enhanced absorption, improved utilization and gastrointestinal (GI) comfort. Some individuals, who take other forms of magnesium supplements, often experience GI side effects, including gas, bloating, diarrhea, constipation or a combination of these symptoms. The forms of magnesium used in Reacted Magnesium preserve GI comfort while maximizing absorption and restoring magnesium levels in the body.


Magnesium is an abundant mineral in the body and is found naturally in many foods, like green leafy vegetables. It is also found in over-the-counter medications, such as laxatives. The average American intake of magnesium, according to the National Health and Nutrition Examination Survey (NHANES Study) is critically low: Many Americans fail to consume the estimated average requirement (EAR) established by the Institute of Medicine.[1] In addition, more than 57 % of the population does not meet the United States Department of Agriculture requirements for magnesium in the diet. Intracellular magnesium levels are decreased by excessive intake of alcohol, salt, coffee, phosphoric acid found in sodas, diets high in calcium and high stress levels. [2] Because of widespread nature of magnesium deficiencies, adequate daily intake of magnesium is critical for proper hydration, stress response, muscle relaxation, promoting healthy blood pressure levels, optimal bone mineral density, and blood sugar regulation.[3,4]

Bioavailability โ€“ The Mineral Chelate Differenceโ€ 

The importance of bioavailability is obvious. If consuming a magnesium supplement has little effect on improving the bodyโ€™s magnesium balance, there is no reason to ingest it. Signs of inferior mineral supplements include the use of cheap, poorly absorbed, rock-salt minerals like calcium carbonate and magnesium oxide (See Figure 1). These mineral forms slow and limit absorption, relying on adequate stomach acid to release magnesium ions which then enter the body via passive diffusion. And, because they tend to remain in the intestines longer, these forms of mineral supplements can cause intestinal distress such as constipation (calcium carbonate) or diarrhea (magnesium oxide).

Reacted Magnesium provides the additional benefit of highly- absorbed, Albionยฎ mineral chelates. Albionยฎ is the world leader in manufacturing highly bioavailable mineral chelates, a specialized form of minerals bound to amino acids. This patented process creates organic mineral compounds which use active absorption mechanisms in the gastrointestinal tract to greatly enhance mineral absorption. In a magnesium comparison study reported by Graff et al. at Weber State University, Albionยฎโ€™s magnesium amino acid chelate had (See Figure 1)[5]:

โ€ข 8.8 times greater absorption than magnesium oxide
โ€ข 5.6 times greater absorption than magnesium sulfate
โ€ข 2.3 times greater absorption than magnesium carbonate

In addition, other comparison studies have shown significantly superior absorption of magnesium chelates compared to other mineral forms:

  • Atadoseof400mg,magnesiumchelate
    significantly reduced or eliminated menstrual abdominal discomfort [6]

  • Multipledoubleblindstudiesfoundurinaryexcretion of magnesium chloride higher than magnesium glycinate, proving superior absorption[7-9]

  • Magnesiumglycinateisshowntohaveareduced
    laxative effect when compared to other forms of magnesium [10]

    Mineral chelates are gentle, gut โ€œfriendlyโ€ minerals that do not cause diarrhea that often accompanies magnesium oxide and other rock-salt forms. Albionยฎโ€™s mineral chelates have extensive clinical research proving their superior bioavailability, biologic activity, stability, and improved tolerance.

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