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IMD 30 Servings *

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Intestinal Cleanse Supplement

Clinical Applications:

Intestinal Metals Binder

Due to the strength of this product, please consult with your healthcare practitioner to purchase.

Multi-Metal Binder– IMD®> is a proprietary, highly purified silica with sulfur metal -binding groups. It is intended to pull methylmercury and other heavy metals away from the intestinal lining and help escort them safely out of the body.*

Detox + GI SupportSupport- This product is designed to support the restoration of blocked detoxification pathways.*

Toxin Removal without Chelation– IMD® acts primarily in the intestines and does not enter the bloodstream, and thus should not cause surges in mobilized metals that can burden the kidneys and liver.*


 The product that launched Quicksilver Scientific®, IMD® is our proprietary GI metals binder. This naturally-driven binder is optimized to escort heavy metals safely out of the body.*


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