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Private Membership Cancer Coaching Package Conners Clinic Course - Conners Clinic

Private Membership Cancer Coaching Package

Conners Clinic Course
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Note: We highly encourage a scheduled "Intro Call" with Dr. Conners prior to purchasing this Membership.  Also, those opting for our Membership will be called by someone in our office to schedule a "walk through" of access and next steps.

Prerequisite: Complete THIS EDUCATIONAL INTAKE form

Begin here OR upgrade your Stop Fighting Cancer Course membership to a:

Private Cancer Coaching Membership

You'll receive:

  • Access to Dr. Conners' weekly, group ZOOM Q & A calls
  • Access to our private Member-Only site
  • Initial cheek swab testing for personalized protocol recommendations
  • Access to future follow-up cheek swab re-testing
  • Access to all Dr. C's alternative Nutritional and Dietary Protocols for YOUR Cancer type
  • Access to hundreds of Dr. C's Blog posts
  • Access to all of our online Summits and Masterclasses
  • Access to all Dr. C's Q & A videos, and
  • COMPLIMENTARY access to ALL of our other health courses
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