Private Membership Cancer Coaching Package (Level 4)


Private Membership Cancer Coaching Package (Level 4)

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Description of Private Membership Cancer Coaching Package (Level 4)

This package is for those looking for exclusive access to our membership and to Dr. Conners' testing and recommendations, or as an upgrade from your Stop Fighting Cancer Course membership.

Prerequisites (prior to enrollment): 

  1. Complete our INTAKE form; then,
  2. Schedule your Case Review call with Dr. Conners.  From here, you'll also have the option to talk with someone on staff for a "walk-through" of access and next steps.

Private Cancer Coaching Membership

You'll receive our Private Membership perks including:

  • Initial cheek swab testing for your tailored/personalized protocol recommendations.
  • An optional scheduled basic Protocol/Binder Review call with staff.
  • Exclusive access to Dr. Conners' weekly, group ZOOM Q & A calls.  These are live and interactive. You can submit questions prior to call or live on the call.
  • All weekly Zoom calls are recorded and available to enjoy anytime on the site should you not be able to join live.
  • Exclusive access to our private Members-Only site where you have access to all the Zoom past/present calls, ability to submit questions, ability to make individual appointments *, and private access to all support.
  • Exclusive access to all of Dr. C's basic/alternative nutritional and dietary protocols by cancer type
  • All of Dr. Conners recorded online Summits and Masterclasses
  • Exclusive access to all Dr. C's Q & A videos, and
  • Exclusive access to ALL of Dr. Conners' online health courses
  • Access to request scheduled Private Educational Coaching calls* with Dr. Conners
  • Access to request future cheek swab re-testing*

Although not included in this package, the following options are available to you as a Member:

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