Flash Drive with your updated program


Flash Drive with your updated program

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Description of Flash Drive with your updated program
This is ONLY for Members who have already purchased a Rife machine and simply need a new flash drive sent to them with their program that was already created for them.
With your flash drive, you will also receive the following instructions to help you get your program loaded into your laptop computer:
  1. Insert flash drive into USB port on your rife computer
  2. Click on Folder on the bottom toolbar
  3. Click on Removable Disc (D:)
  4. Click (highlight) your folder name
  5. Right click on your folder name and click on COPY
  6. Click on Documents
  7. Click (highlight) TrueRife Frequencies
  8. Right click on PASTE
  9. You may receive a message to override the current files, click on ok
  10. Your updated programs in your folder are ready to use when you re-open the Rife program.

NOTE: To “right click” on a key pad, click down on the right hand corner of the key pad.

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