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Allerplex - 150 caps

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In our quest to provide our patients with the best possible supplements, we've decided to recommend Histamine Scavenger instead of Allerplex by Standard Process. While Allerplex is still a good product, we believe Histamine Scavenger is a better option.


Histamine Scavenger

Histamine is a versatile, yet unique, compound that naturally interacts with several physiological pathways. Typically, bodily injury and antigen exposure promotes the release of histamine. A white blood cell variation known as a basophil and similarly constructed mast cells, found in connective tissue, are the main producers of histamine.

Despite various origins and locations, histamine compounds found outside of the CNS contribute to a universal goal: initiating an inflammatory response. Histamine, as a result of corresponding neural receptors, has the potential for profound effects on the hypothalamus and other neurotransmitters: specifically effecting appetite and sleep patterns. Therefore, increased histamine can disrupt usual compound levels in the CNS. 

Secreted histamine also promotes vasodilation, blood plasma release from adjacent blood vessels, and stimulates gastric acid production. Vasodilation allows for greater capillary permeability; therefore, white blood cells are capable of contacting pathogens found in interstitial fluid, also potentially effecting intestinal permeability. 

Excessive histamine can be correlated to genetic mutations, leaky gut, allergies, and an individual’s diet. Studies have suggested gliadin, a protein found in wheat, to be involved with mast cell function and secretion of histamine; similarly, gliadin also stimulates the release of Zonulin. Under further observation, Zonulin has been found, during an ex vivo study, to increase intestinal permeability, serving as another contributor to a leaky gut. 

Genetic mutations found in the ABP1 and HNMT genes are potential indicators for elevated histamine. Furthermore, increased histamine levels can result in heart palpitations, low blood pressure, hypertension, fatigue, anxiety, joint pain, irritable bowel syndrome, stomach ulcers, adrenal gland fatigue, and altered sleep patterns. Histamine Scavenger contains the essential ingredients believed to promote the reduction of harmful histamine accumulation.