Grounding Sheet for Your Bed - Half Sheet

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Grounding Sheet for Your Bed - Half Sheet

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Description of Grounding Sheet for Your Bed - Half Sheet

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Earthing in Your Home

We suggest using this on the LOWER HALF of the bed ONLY (grounding both people through connecting the lower half of body to the ground.)

This product differs from our Grounded Mat in that it is thinner and less apt to cause any sensitivity when sleeping.

One Size fits all! Secure it under your fitted sheet for low maintenance. Tester included to validate grounded outlet. Fabric is 95% Soft, Renewable Cotton, 5% Pure Silver Grounding Grid.

This Grounding Sheet is the perfect way to take the benefits of grounding home.

Place it under your fitted sheet to stay grounded all night OR you could use it in your work chair or a "Relaxation Chair", and feel the benefits.

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